You will be ushered into comfortable seats, given active 3D glasses and the show will begin.

Your seats will be moving in almost any direction. You will be surrounded with first-class sound and special effects like artificial wind or water vapour. All this for one simple reason: to enhance the feeling of blending in with the film. Are you up to a tranquil journey into the ocean depths, or to an adrenaline ride on roller coaster? You can choose from more than twenty films of various categories for your whole family to enjoy.

The screening takes about 5 or 6 minutes and you pick the film on the spot, there is no need for prior booking. You will have the best possible comfort and privacy, as there are only four seats in the auditorium.

Become a part of a story. Cast yourself headfirst into an abyss, cut corners like a real racer, flee from bloodthirsty monsters or fly towards the sky. Take your family or friends and come experience something which a classic cinema can not give you.